Forteza Equipo is proud to represent Manitowoc/Potain Tower Cranes, selling brand Equipment and Parts throughout Puerto Rico.

Potain has led the world in tower crane and self-erecting crane production since its inception in La Clayette, France, in 1928. More than 100,000 Potain cranes have been sold and installed on some of the most prestigious job sites around the world. The company offers more than 60 models in a variety of product ranges.

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Forteza Equipo was founded on a philosophy of providing only the best equipment. Through skillfully-maintained machines, competitive rates and fair business practices, we’ve built long-lasting relationships with our customers, employees and vendors. We are always ready to provide quality equipment and service throughout the island and the Caribbean.

We furnish Mobile Cranes that range in capacity from 10 to 550 tons and which feature boom extensions that can reach a height of 420 feet; we also offer Tower Cranes with a maximum capacity of 35,200 pounds, and 5,950 pounds at 230 feet radius. Our Aerial Work Platforms reach a height of up to 110 feet. Our Specialized Transportation includes modular hydraulic trailers with several combinations that can handle up to 450 tons, plus our Rigging Equipment includes a 400-ton Hydraulic Gantry.

All of our equipment is well-cared for and kept in excellent condition by our maintenance department using computerized systems, maintenance engineers,

Lube Truck and expertly-trained mechanics. All of the above combined with our carefully selected and thoroughly-structured inventory of spare parts means our equipment will experience the least amount of down time and this translates into time and money saved for our customers.

Our work philosophy abides by providing quality equipment through a dedicated team in order to ensure the best customer service.

At Forteza Equipo, we are pleased to supply all kinds of services related to heavy-lifting and the transportation market, on top of providing complete handling solutions including engineered lifting systems, rigging plans, transportation plans, hydraulic jacks, Hillman rollers, transportation of over-dimensional, oversized and overweight cargo, cranes ranging from 10 to 550 tons, and highly qualified rigging personnel.

By the same token, as brand distributors in PR and the Caribbean, we are available to service Potain Tower Cranes.